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Weather Corner

A daily, well balanced, mix of activities is important for the healthy development of children.  We provide opportunities for children to learn to tie their shoes, to learn to write their names and to discover what happens when you mix the colors red and white.  Equally as important is for them to have time to run, jump and use their “outdoor voices”.

There are social-emotional as well as academic skills to be learned while children are riding bikes, chasing butterflies or just cloud watching. Therefore the schedule in each of our classrooms allows for 30 minutes of gross motor activities (physical play) twice a day (each day) for our children.

Along with physical play, fresh air is also important for the healthy development of children.  Realizing this, we take our children outside for physical play each day the weather permits.

The Child Care Weather Watch Chart is used to help us determine when it is safe to take children out for physical play.

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